3 Year Postdoctoral Position on a Research Project to Investigate the Role of GABAergic Neurons of the Mouse Amygdala on Behaviour

Aarhus University - Dandrite

Aarhus, Denmark

Job responsibilities

The applicant will perform electrophysiological, optogenetics and behavioural experiments in rodents. Capogna’s group has recently made several progress to understand the role of GABAergic neurons of the amygdala in emotional-related circuits (e.g., Bazelot at al, Neuron, 2012; 2015; Capogna, Curr Opinion Neurobiol., 2014; Bocchio et al, eNeuro, 2016). The aim of the project is to progress our understanding of the amygdala GABAergic system in relation to behaviour (e.g., various brain states -wake, non-REM sleep, REM sleep; emotional learning and memory). To achieve this aim, combined electrophysiological, optogenetic and behavioural approaches will be performed.

Specific competences

  • Previous experience in electrophysiology in vivo or in vitro, possibly including optogenetics;
  • The successful applicant is expected to be able to manage the project, develop novel technical approach, conduct firm, kind and thorough supervision and be a good team player.

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