Post-doctoral Position: Streptococcus Gallolyticus and it's Association to Colorectal Cancer

Institut Pasteur

Paris, France

Job description

We are looking for a talented, enthusiastic and multi-skilled post-doctoral fellow to carry out an ambitious and collaborative project (group of Shaynoor Dramsi and Unit head by Philippe Sansonetti) just funded by the French National Institute for Cancer (INCA) for 3 years that will take place at the Pasteur Institute in Paris.

The two main objectives are:

  • 1) to pursue the development of a relevant murine model to study colonization of the colon by SGG in healthy and tumor-associated conditions. We already set up the experimental conditions for optimal colonization of the mouse distal colon ({Martins, 2015 #28}. Localization of SGG in the distal colonic tissue will be performed by various immuno-histological techniques. We will also seek to evaluate the translocation capacity of SGG in healthy and tumor-bearing mice. The presence of SGG in the mesenteric lymph nodes, spleen and liver, will be assessed as a read out of bacterial translocation. We hope to visualize the translocation process of luminescent or fluorescent SGG at the tissular and cellular levels using various imaging techniques. Different mouse models reproducing CRC are currently evaluated in the laboratory of Philippe Sansonetti such as AOM/DSS, APCMin+/-, and APC/Notch mice;
  • 2) to identify the molecular components of the tumor conferring a growth advantage to SGG. Transcriptomic and metabolomic profiling of colon tumors in the presence or absence of SGG are expected to provide essential insights.

Candidates must be highly motivated and technically accomplished, and should have a recent Ph.D. in cell biology, molecular biology, genetics or related area of study.

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