Postdoctoral Researcher - Electronic Engineering

Tyndall National Institute

Cork, Ireland

Job description:

This project aims to build upon investigations on the impact of quantum confinement and surface chemistry effects on the electronic structure of nanostructures based on elemental semimetals alpha-tin and bismuth for applications in interface design for novel electronic device concepts. SnGe alloys exhibit desirable properties for optoelectronic devices such as high carrier mobilities, and the possibility of controlling the electronic structure character and the direct/indirect nature of the band gap by varying the alloy’s composition. The possibility of modulating band gap energies by varying alloy composition adds an extra dimension of customisation to device design concepts based on realising semimetal-semiconductor interfaces via geometry effects or surface chemistry, while the ability to engineer a germanium alloy with a direct and band gap with tunable band gap energy comprises an attractive feature for optical applications.

The feasibility of nanostructures based on SnGe alloys and their suitability for nanoelectronic device applications will be assessed through the following studies:

  • Thermodynamics: stability and miscibility. The structural stability and miscibility limits of SnGe alloys in bulk, thin film, and nanowire structures will be explored by the systems’ total electronic energy, vibrational properties, configurational and vibrational entropy contributions, as well as their variations with structural parameters;
  • Electronic structure engineering. The range of electronic properties which can be achieved in thermodynamically stable alloys through variations in structural parameters, alloy composition, and surface chemistry will be assessed by employing DFT and many-body perturbation theory electronic structure methods;
  • Applications to electronic devices. Novel device design concepts which exploit the results of previous sections will be explored by investigating the properties of interfaces with potential applications in optoelectronic devices.


  • Perform research on Science Foundation Ireland and industry funded projects;
  • Assist in group activities including assisting graduate students, designing and running simulation studies, prepare publications, present at conferences, provide information for reporting to funding agencies.


  • PhD in Engineering Science or related discipline - cross disciplinary work in electronics, materials science, and physics particularly sought;
  • Strong understanding of computational electronic structure methods;
  • Excellent knowledge of Linux, scripting and scientific programming;
  • Strong knowledge of nanoelectronic engineering.


  • Experience working with commercial software tools related to quantum descriptions of electron transport in nanostructures;
  • Ability to work with and report to industry;
  • Outstanding oral and written communication skills.

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