Research Scientist Position in Biostratigraphy

IFREMER - French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea

Brest, France

Main missions

He/she will lead research in the reconstruction of marine paleo-biotopes and the characterization of paleo-environments deposits in relation to the evolution of global factors.

Principal activities

  • He/she will contribute to the on-going research projects of the LGS and also to those of the “Sedi-ment Dynamics and Geohazards » laboratory (LAD) by joining a multi-disciplinary team of specialists in geodynamics/tectonics and sedimentologists;
  • His/her contribution will be based on the determination of faunistic assemblages, and complementary environmental constraints (e.g. paleoT°C, paleosalinity, etc.) obtained directly via the geochemical analysis (stable isotopes, trace metal, etc.) of foraminifera tests. He/she will develop original research projects in relation with the topics of the LGS and the LAD, to include coastal and ocean-going expeditions within public, private, regional, national and international cooperation;
  • He/she will publish the results of the research in high-impact scientific journals.

Collaborative work environment


  • He/she will contribute to the multi-parameter approach of LGS (cores and seismics) by integrating methods of sedimentology, chronostratigraphy, micropaleontology and geochemistry. He/she will participate in the interpretation of marine sedimentary recordings in a regional context (hemipelagic, turbiditic, contouritic sedimentation...) and in a global context according to internal and external forcings (eustatic, climatic, paleoceanographic...) and in the quantification of the dynamics of earth-ocean transfers;
  • He/she will also participate in the development of tools of analysis and interpretation;
  • In the case of multi-disciplinary projects on habitats/ecosystems and benthic ecology on continental margins, he/she will develop/maintain relations/collaborations with the research unit Deep-Sea Ecosystems.


  • He/she will be involved in Ifremer research projects within national, European and international scientific cooperation and also with industrial partners.

Profile and expertise sought

Initial training

  • PhD in the field of marine geosciences, marine paleo-environment, paleo-oceanography.


  • Professional experience appreciated (post-doctoral or industrial).

Personal qualities

  • Self-motivated, organized, sense of responsibility;
  • Leadership skills;
  • Attracted to multi-disciplinary team work and ocean-going expeditions;
  • The desire to explore new approaches in the field of basin geology and modeling.

Specific knowledge

  • Solid experience in micro-paleontology and ecology of benthic (essential) and planktonic (prefered) foraminifera;
  • Solid experience in biostratigraphy of foraminifera;
  • Aptitude in the processing and interpretation of sedimentary data;
  • Experience in geochemical tracers;
  • Geological knowledge;
  • Proficiency in English (verbal and written);
  • Publications in international journals.

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