Senior Lecturer in Biology with a Specialization in Food Microbiology

Örebro University

Örebro, Sweden

Reference number: ORU 2.2.1-00907/2017

Subject area

The subject area of the position is Biology with a specialization in Food Microbiology. The subject covers studies of positive as well as negative effects of prokaryotic and eukaryotic microorganisms on various kinds of food and nutrition. This includes studies of microorganisms that are pathogenic, toxin-forming, or degrading the taste and smell of food products, as well as probiotic, bio-conserving, and other microorganisms that may be useful in the context of food biotechnology.

Duties and responsibilities

The research in food microbiology will be carried out at the School of Science and Technology at the Örebro University main campus. The holder of the position will be engaged in teaching and supervision of students at the three bachelor programs at RHS and the Culinary arts and ecology program. A certain, small amount of teaching at other programs at the School of Science and Technology could also be part of the duties. The senior lecturer is expected to carry out his or her own research in the field of food microbiology, which may also include active supervision of Ph. D. students within the framework of the “Food and Health” focus area. The senior lecturer is also expected to contribute to the general development of the subject area. The successful candidate will also have the opportunity to collaborate with microbiology researchers at the Faculty of Medicine and Health and researchers in Culinary arts and meal science at RHS. The amount of time spent on teaching and research, respectively, is dependent on the available research funding, but the teaching would normally correspond to 50 %.


Eligible for the appointment as senior lecturer are applicants who have demonstrated educational expertise and who have been awarded a doctoral degree within the subject area in question or possess corresponding research skills or some other professional expertise that is of significance in view of the subject matter for the position and the duties that the position will involve.

For any teaching staff appointments at Örebro University, applicants are expected to have completed courses on teaching and learning in higher education corresponding to ten weeks. If applicable, assessments will be made of corresponding knowledge obtained in any other way.

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