Post-Doctoral Position: Interplay Between the Host Cell Endosomal Trafficking Machinery and Restriction Factors of HIV-1 Infectivity

Institut Cochin

Paris, France


Assembly and propagation of HIV-1 involve a highly orchestrated series of interactions between viral proteins and cellular co-factors, notably components of the host cell trafficking machineries. Proper virus fitness during the late step of HIV-1 replication cycle is required to confer full infectivity to the virus. Furthermore, the virus has to overcome several levels of host defence mechanisms to propagate. Full infectivity of the virus depends on the integrity of its structural proteins, but also on the nature of the cellular proteins packaged into progeny particles. Recently, two families of cellular proteins were identified as restriction factors, detrimental for HIV infectivity when incorporated into the virions. The exact mechanisms underlying their incorporation into virions and their antiviral activity are not fully understood. The proposed project will decipher the importance of components of the host cell endosomal trafficking machinery in the regulation of these restriction factors incorporation into viral particles and further anti-viral activities.


We are seeking for a highly self-motivated candidate with excellent technical skills and good communication skills, with a PhD and validated experience in basic cell biology and/or virology. Candidates with a strong expertise in cell trafficking, cell imaging and virology techniques are encouraged to apply.

Scientific environment:

The “Host-Virus Interactions” laboratory belongs to the “Infection, Immunity and Inflammation” department of the Cochin Institute located in the center of Paris. In addition to the scientific environment of this institute, the laboratory has access to extensive research core facilities, including Imaging, Cytometry, Proteomics.

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