Post-doc in Population Epigenetics and Epigenomics

TUM - Technical University Munich

Munich, Germany


DNA methylation is an important epigenetic mark with fundamental roles in gene regulation and transposable element silencing. In plant genomes, aberrant DNA methylation changes (i.e. epimutations) can arise spontaneously, similar to DNA sequence mutations. Unlike in animals, these epimutations are often transmitted across many generations and have been shown to contribute to the heritability of important plant traits. It remains unclear to which extent epimutations contribute to plant evolution, and whether they are exploitable in agricultural breeding programs. One current aim of our group is to quantify the genetic and environmental factors that shape the rate and the molecular spectrum of spontaneous epimutations in the model plant A. thaliana. In collaboration with other groups we are in the processes of setting up several experimental systems that will allow us to study these questions in depth. We will use whole genome bisulphite sequencing (WGBS) to measure the methylomes of a large number of A. thaliana lines.

What are we looking for:

We are looking for a talented post-doc who will take charge of the analysis and interpretation of a large number of WGBS datasets. The applicant would make use of and combine several in-house computational algorithms into a single analysis pipeline. We have a strong preference for bioinformaticians/computational biologists with a deep appreciation for biological phenomena or, alternatively, experimentalists with a solid background in bioinformatics/computational biology.

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