Photovoltaic Materials Professor

TUT - Tallinn University of Technology - Department of Materials and Environmental Technology

Tallinn, Estonia

The Department of Materials and Environmental Technology at Tallinn University of Technology (TTÜ) invites applications for a tenure-track position of Professor of Photovoltaic Materials in the Laboratory of the Photovoltaic Materials. The candidate has to have significant skills and international experience in the field of photovoltaic materials technology or in closely related fields.

The Laboratory of Photovoltaic Materials carries out the research in the field of development of multinary compound semiconductors for thin film and monograin layer solar cells, the laboratory has world-class scientific equipment for advanced technologies. The academic staff of the Laboratory of Photovoltaic Materials has long-term successful experience in the studies on photovoltaic materials synthesis, device fabrication, and characterization.

The objective of the professorship is to ensure the sustainable research and development in the field of photovoltaic materials technologies and to teach new high-tech materials and their applications in Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral levels. Successful candidates will be expected to involve graduate and undergraduate students in their research program.

Main tasks

  • Organizing, conducting professional research and development, and applying for necessary financing for this purpose;
  • Full-time balanced teaching, research and development activities;
  • Development of infrastructure necessary for R&D activities;
  • Ensuring the next generation of the academic staff in the field of photovoltaic materials technology, including supervising doctoral and postgraduate students at the Department of Materials and Environmental Technology;
  • Leading cooperation and contracts with enterprises;
  • Publishing the results of research projects in high-level international peer-reviewed journals;
  • Presentation of the results of research studies at international scientific conferences and seminars.

Additional tasks

  • Continuous improvement of educational and research knowledge and skills;
  • Participating in the academic and non-university academic committees;
  • Popularize the field of material technologies for sustainable energetics.

Qualification requirements

  • PhD or an equivalent degree in materials technology or in an area that is relevant for the position, at least 10 years’ experience in field of photovoltaic materials technology and planning research projects;
  • Strong scientific background and international working experience in photovoltaic materials technology, preffered in the fields of compound semiconductor technologies for photovoltaic application;
  • Experience of supervising of Master’s and PhD theses;
  • Good publication record in international peer-reviewed journals;
  • Experience in teaching;
  • Experience of managerial work and leading projects.

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